The Mouthwatering Vegan Recipe for Summer

The hot dry summer months are just around the corner. With a long hot Indian summer predicted by the weather department, it is advisable to take care of ourselves during this season. Our bodies will be susceptible to various kinds of health-related issues. It is of utmost importance that we keep our body properly hydrated during this hot spell and what can be better than some of the tastiest and healthiest fruit infused water which is 100% natural with no added sugar or preservatives. This easy to prepare vegan drink is calorie-free, increases energy, and rids toxins from the body. One can experiment with different fruits like peach, apple, strawberry, etc. Regular use of this invigorating will not only provide healthy-looking skin but will also keep one energetic all day long. Basil leaves or mint can be added to heighten the health benefits.

A light diet low on fats is a preferred diet during the long summers. The body produces heat and high calorie and high-fat food can have a detrimental effect on the body. Vegan dishes utilize naturally found vegetables, salubrious nuts, lentils, etc., which are light and keeps the body healthy. One such mouthwatering vegan recipe for summer is instant pot green khichdi. This delicious mix of veggies, lentils, fine grain rice is light and easy on the stomach, and easy to digest. It is a very easy recipe that is quite a known dish for every Indian household and has a lot of scope of experimentation as per one’s taste.

Another mouthwatering vegan recipe for summer months is the unique combination of sautéed mushroom, fresh onions, and green peas. This easy to prepare dish is a perfect accompaniment with turmeric coconut rice which is a great flavorsome dish for the summer. The tasty coconut flakes are mixed with rice with a tinge of turmeric which provides a very zesty taste to the palate. Onion and pepper masala is another mouthwatering vegan recipe for the dry summer. This savory broth can be mixed with generous amounts of vegetables of choice and heated over a low flame. The result is a luscious thick gravy which perfects with turmeric rice or with the Indian bread, roti. Grilled Tofu Tikka Kabab is another dish that blends perfectly with the setting of a friendly gossip with friends and relatives. Vegetable stir fry, cauliflower, and chickpeas tikka masala, cauliflower gashi are some of the unique and delicious vegan recipes which will ensure a healthy stomach and spirited demeanor all through the summer months.

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