How is Vegan Butter Different from Others

If it is one thing that the year 2020 has brought about it is the change in the mindsets of people regarding what they eat and their diet. Over the past few years, a lot of people have been turning to the vegan diet in an attempt to curb the violence against the animals. 

Now, in a country like India that loved dairy products like butter, cheese and milk, it is hard for people to go the vegan ways. But, there is no need to worry anymore because now there is a vegan butter that is available online in India. For all those of you who feel even consuming butter and other dairy products are a crime against the cows, this is definitely the alternative that you can switch to. 

But, before you make the decision of switching to vegan butter from the normal butter, let us take a look at exactly how vegan butter is different from the regular butter. Vegan butter also otherwise known as plant-based butter is primarily gluten-free and dairy-free in nature, and that is why it appeals greatly to all those people who are vegan. 

Vegan butter online in India is primarily made from plant-based oils such as olives, avocado and almonds. Generally, all forms of butter be it vegan, margarine can be used for all types of cooking and baking.  The taste thus remains more or less the same with minor differences in the texture of the end finished product. 

Regular butter that is available easily in most shops is made by whipping together double crème until it turns to butter. Once the buttery texture is formed certain ingredients like salt and other flavoring agents are then added to it. Vegan butter, on the other hand, is highly processed butter that contains a lot of additives and any forms of vitamins that are found are also added additionally. 

On the whole, vegan butter is a healthier alternative to other regular forms of butter that we tend to use in our day to day lives. So if you are still battling your thoughts and trying to figure out how vegan butter is different from the other forms of butter, let us tell you that vegan butter looks smells, tastes and even behaves like regular butter. 

In all totality vegan butter is dairy-free margarine that is purely got all the fat minus any milk. Vegan butter primarily consists of a different blend of vegetable oils and a different mix of other flavors like avocado, olives and almonds. 

Switching to vegan butter is definitely a healthy option and what makes this switch easier is the fact that it tastes exactly like butter without causing any harm to the cows to meet the rise in the demands. People can now enjoy the taste of cruelty-free butter by purchasing vegan food products online in India.

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