Almond Butter Vs Cashew Butter - Ingredients and Benefits

Two of the most promising new entrants in the world of vegan products are almond butter and cashew butter. They are a great substitute for butter made from milk of cow, buffalo, sheep, goat, and yaks. Apart from ushering in a cruelty-free world, these products are loaded with a variety of essential micronutrients and vitamins such as vitamin B2, calcium, and iron which promise great health benefits. These nutty butter are great in taste and are perfect accompaniments for smoothies, bread, cereal, fruit, muffins, etc.

Almond butter is made from pure natural almonds. The natural oil of the almonds releases during the preparation which gives it a thick consistency and a good spread. The benefits of almond butter are plenty. The anti-inflammatory properties of almonds help to keep a tab on the cholesterol level and control blood sugar and blood pressure in check. It has high monosaturated fat and zero cholesterol and sodium which makes it very much heartfriendly. Almonds are a very good source of antioxidant vitamin E. It is rich in magnesium and provides high energy to the body. The high protein and fiber content acts as powerful nutrients for the body and helps to reduce weight and keeps many weight-related diseases in check. It is particularly good for diabetic patients due to its low glycemic index and cuts cravings for food. Almond butter strengthens metabolism and prevents osteoporosis. It is equally good for glowing skin and healthy hair. A very beneficial product for bone and teeth health, studies have proved that it helps in increasing brain activity.

Another deliciously vegan nutty butter, the cashew butter is made from roasted or baked cashews and salt.  It is enriched with proteins, vitamin E, calcium, iron, riboflavin, and more. It contains a balanced amount of oleic acid (healthy fats) that our bodies require. A spoonful of cashew butter can make your meal nutritious and dense. Cashew butter contains unsaturated fats. These fat are necessary for our body and can also be included in our everyday diet. They are helpful in fighting the development of cholesterol levels in the body and protecting from cardiac arrests. Cashew Butter may have less protein as compared to peanut butter but is still regarded as a good source of protein. If one does not consume meat or consume less of it, cashew butter will make up for the deficiency. Cashew butter controls blood sugar and is good for diabetic patients. It also helps in thwarting gall bladder stones in women. It reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, including heart attack.

Both the vegan butter has got amazing health benefits. However, a comparison of nutrients and vitamins between both of these delightful creamy butter reflects that almond butter is loaded with more vitamin E, iron, calcium, and less saturated fat. Both of the butter contains phytosterols which are the plant version of animal cholesterols. Both of these are healthy alternatives to animal-sourced butter which provides all the healthy vitamins and nutrients and are truly, utterly butterly delicious.

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