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Our Story

In a world that is driven with hatred and divide, there needs to be a place for some compassion and care. Vegan Affair is a much-needed platform that is spreading compassion and care by introducing more people to the concept of veganism. At a time when people enjoy a lifestyle at the expense of voiceless creatures, Vegan Affair is a voice for all those voiceless souls who have no means of standing up against the cruelty that is inflicted upon them.


Ever since the time, I can remember, I was someone who went out of the way to think about animals around me. It hurt me to see them in pain or being ill-treated. Vegan Affair is my personal attempt to continue with my passion for working for the benefit of these speechless creatures. Vegan Affair is all about thinking a little more about them, than thinking just about ourselves.

Kamya Pandey


Free Delivery

When ordering from ₹ 500

Every order that totals to 500 or more, we at Vegan Affair will deliver it to you at no extra delivery cost. Free deliveries for all those people who are willing to pay a little extra to show that they care.


90 Days return

If goods have problem

Worried about the fact of what if the product that you ordered was not what you were expecting? With Vegan Affairs


Secure payment

100% secure payment

With more and more people buying online, Vegan Affair offers online payment gateways that are safe and a 100% secure. Which means that none of your confidential information will be shared with anyone else.


Round the clock support

Dedicated support

We believe in being available for our customers to help them solve whatever concerns they have. Irrespective of the time of the day, someone from our team will always be there to support you with a 24*7 customer service.